Technology news – Iphone 5 v/s Samsung Universe SIII

Based on the recent worldwide mobile tests conducted by worlds largest mobile council named Network Optimization Software Vendor Strangloop, the final outcome is, webpages in Samsung’s flagship Universe SIII loads 9 % quicker than Apple’s new apple iphone 5 that is more famous smartphone these days more than a LTE wireless network.

The Apple’s new apple iphone 5 runs by himself iOS 6 operating-system and also the Samsung Universe SIII operates on Android operating-system. The report provided by Strangloop were in line with the tests conducted on six different cellular devices in this summer and September 2012. This test was totally according to Samsung and Apple’s new launched products, products are utilized in this test were, Samsung Universe S, Samsung Universe SIII, Universe Tab, Iphone4, Iphone 5 and apple ipad 2, which record was keeping based on page load time over 200 e-commerce sites.

Within the direct LTE competition between individuals Samsung and Apple, both smartphones would be best within their improvements. However the factor is Samsung will get some momentum in page loading is possible with universe SIII.

Within the designing issue, nobody can tell surely what’s best and that is worst, but when it’s time for giving performance Samsung goes in front of I-phones. The tests provided by Strangloop could be certainly determined various tests around the various devices. And that’s the primary reason what Strangloop attempt to creating a direct comparison between LTE v/s 3G and also the exact answers are LTE performs 27 percent quicker than 3G.

Within the another test, Strangloop discover that both Samsung Universe S and Iphone4 take atleast 11.5 seconds to opening just one web site that’s more slower compared to actual situation with desktops. However with regards to LTE, it is considerably faster than 3G systems that is already fast.

All of these exams are obvious that Android operating-system would certainly more quicker than Apple’s iOS 6 also it runs with Samsung Universe SIII. The conclusion is, its easier to choose Samsung Universe SIII instead of selecting Apple’s apple iphone 5, but all of the apple fans, nobody waiting for for iOS 6 standards, individuals are actually disappointed to obtain apple iphone 5 with iOS 6 within their hands. Both smartphones are great within their design as well as their improvements but with regards to performance, Samsung is ever best compared to Apple, and thats the region where Samsung Universe SIII will go ahead using its direct competitor Apple’s apple iphone 5.

Visually, it’s very difficult to pass the arguments against Apple. IOS 6 is straightforward, simple to use, easy to use and filled with fun animations. Not one other screen touch operating-system is really enjoyable and much more comfortable to consumer experience. Using the situation of Universe S3, Samsung is labored hard and provide his better to make Android a far more comprehensive and good consumer experience.

These days Apple is leading out of all technology news and making technology products but Samsung isn’t a long way away from Apple. In most ways, the Samsung Universe S3 can be a better phone however when if he’d left Android alone and develop their very own operating-system like Apple does. Google’s recent Android operating-system might not just like iOS, however they do their very own existence, as just like Samsung’s phone does not have personality or existence.