What are Instagram Followers?

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Instagram! It is the most prominent and trendy social media application used by individuals of all ages worldwide. It is an app that connects people from all countries, races and religions and provides its users a platform to share pictures and videos according to their liking. It’s also an app that people use to get popularity and recognition. If someone likes what a person posts, they can follow their account to get more of it. This increases their Followers. Before we get to that, let’s understand what are Instagram Followers.

Instagram Followers are those who can view the photos, videos and stories of the person they are following. For example, if you follow a certain celebrity or friend, you can view all their photos, videos and stories that they post on their account/profile. You can also view their private or close friends stories (These are the stories that only selected individuals can view who are chosen by the owner of the account and are added by the owner to a list named close friends list.) If a persons account is private, a person who wants to follow them can send them an invite to follow them and upon accepting the request by the owner of the account, those Instagram Followers, can also send them direct messages.

Types of Instagram Followers:-

  1. The Deal Setters:- These are the ones who will like a post or video for a like in return. These are the deal setters kind of Instagram Followers.
  2. The ‘Just Following’:- These are the ones who will follow a person but would never like any of their pictures or videos posted and would most likely view their stories and occasionally send reactions to them too. These are the suspicious kind of Instagram Followers.
  3. The Stalker:- These are the ones who will follow you in order to stalk all your old pictures and videos and most likely end up liking them too giving you second hand embarrassment. These are the awkward kind of Instagram Followers.
  4. The Homies:- These are the ones who will like all your pictures and videos posted no matter if they actually like them or not. These are most likely family members and close friends. They are the best. Honestly, we all love these kinds of Instagram Followers.
  5. The Celebrity Followers:- These are the ones who are verified/celebrities on Instagram. It is very rare to get such Instagram Followers especially if you are not famous or just a normal individual but hey! Keeping hope for something like this to happen is no bad.

This being said, if you have an Instagram account and are pretty active on it, then Instagram Followers would really matter to you especially if you are a budding artist/creator and want the word of your art to reach the maximum number of people or just want to gain some attention and popularity. When it comes to Instagram Followers, it is always more the merrier. We can as a whole agree that a good amount of Instagram Followers is a confidence booster and a big flex in front of friends and school/college mates.